Till Death Us Do Part

By Michael R. Lynch

Produced by Tobin Brothers Funerals

‘Till Death Us Do Part’, (or to be grammatically correct) Till Death Do Us Part, are words found in the Book of Common Prayer of 1662 and whilst  they may date back more than three centuries, Michael believes that given its subject matter, they are a most  appropriate epithet for this booklet.

A celebrant for 22 years with Tobin Brothers and having led more than 2,400 services, Michael felt it was high time he shared his thoughts on and experiences of, an aspect of the funeral industry which continues to provide him with a most rewarding and fulfilling vocation.

Till Death Us Do Part is a guide for aspiring funeral celebrants and for those who at some time in the future may be asked to write a eulogy.

To download a copy of Till Death Us Do Part please click here.