Funeral Webcasting and Tribute Pages : Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Funeral Webcast? 

A funeral webcast is where a funeral or memorial service is streamed (broadcasted) live over the internet. Using the latest technology, Tobin Brothers can telecast a funeral service live via our website. It is a cost effective and practical solution to reach friends or relatives interstate or overseas who are unable to attend the service.

Tobin Brothers record and archive the service which is then available for ‘playback’ for a period of 12 months from the date of the funeral.

We can webcast from Tobin Brothers 24 conveniently located Chapels throughout Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula and Echuca as well as any other location, for example a Church or Cemetery, provided it is within range of wireless internet access.

What is a Tribute Page? 

A Tribute Page is a dedicated page on the Tobin Brothers website which displays the Funeral Notice, Service Information, Webcast recording, Order of Service and a Tribute Wall for your loved one.

Here, friends and family can view the webcast if the family have chosen to have one, send food or flowers, light virtual candles, share photos and memories and leave condolences and messages of love.

To access a webcast

To access an upcoming webcast or to view a service that has already been webcast enter the deceased’s surname into the Funeral Service Search box on our homepage. Clicking on their name will then take you to the dedicated Tribute Page.

Should you wish to book a webcast or if you require further assistance and information please call (03) 9373 7000.

To learn more, or for Webcasting and Tribute Page assistance, please view our FAQs brochure here or refer to the below:


What are the main benefits of a webcast?

Funeral webcasts let people see and hear the service and eulogies when it is not possible for them to attend. The savings on travel costs also make this a worthwhile consideration.

When friends or family are unable to attend a funeral service because they live in a nursing home, interstate or overseas or when they may have commitments that can not be changed, a funeral webcast is a logical alternative. Webcasting a funeral enables absent mourners the opportunity to view and hear the funeral live from anywhere in the world for far less than the cost of travelling to the service. Mourners will also have the ability to light a Tribute Candle and post a Message of Condolence.

To assist people who are based either interstate or overseas we have a countdown clock available so they know exactly when the service will commence in their time zone.

How would others know that the webcast is available?

When the funeral details are advertised in the newspaper we recommend that webcast availability is included. Our Funeral Planners can assist you with all the details. In addition, family members would be able to share the Tribute Page link via email or social media, and/or notify friends to visit the Tobin Brothers website and ask them to follow the prompts.

Can we have a private webcast?

Yes, we provide password-protected access. You distribute the password at your discretion to those who would like to stream the funeral service. This password protection also applies to those who would like to playback the service at a later date.

How do I book a webcast?

There are two ways:

  1. Speak with your assigned Funeral Planner.
  2. Call Tobin Brothers Funeral Advice Line on: (03) 9373 7000.

How do I watch a webcast?

To watch a webcast, go to and search for the person’s name in the ‘Webcasts and Funeral Notices’ search box.  Once you have navigated to the individual Tribute Page, click on ‘Webcast Live Stream’ in the menu; on a desktop computer this menu item will appear on the left hand side of the screen, if using a mobile device you will need to press the down arrow next to the word ‘Notice’ to reveal the remaining menu items. The webcast will stream live at the advertised time.

How do I refresh the screen?

The refresh button is located towards the top, left hard corner of the web browser, next to the address bar. It looks like a ¾ circle with an arrow on one end. Click this button once to refresh.

How do I mirror-cast off my phone to my TV?

To mirror-cast from a mobile device to a TV, please see the instructions from your device manufacturers.

How long is the webcast recording available to view?

The webcast recordings remain on the individual Tribute Page for 12 months from the date of recording.

I can hear an echo when viewing the webcast. Why is this?

You may hear an echo if you have more than one webpage/tab open in your web browser. You will need to close any extra tabs so that you only have one webcast playing.

I missed the start of the service! How long do I have to wait before I can watch the recording from the beginning?

The webcast will be available to playback approximately 2 hours after the conclusion of the service.

Is there technical assistance if someone is having trouble viewing the service?

Yes, we have some technical assistance solutions listed in this document. We highly recommend that any potential user visit the webcast URL ahead of time to ensure that they have the required software to view the webcast. It is important to know that any user will require Adobe Flash Version 7 or above to view a webcast. All the required software is available free to download. If you have ever viewed video footage on YouTube your computer is more than likely compatible.

You are also welcome to phone our Tobin Brothers Funeral Advice Line on: (03) 9373 7000.

How do I go back to the Tobin Brothers home page?

To access the home page from anywhere on our website, click the large Tobin Brothers Funerals logo at the top of any page.

What is Google Chrome and how is it different to Google?

Google is a search engine. A search engine is a website that allows you to find other webpages by typing in keywords to the search bar.

Google Chrome is a free internet browser made by Google, available on both desktop and mobile devices. A Web Browser is a tool that lets you view webpages. To download the Google Chrome internet browser visit:

How do I light a candle, upload a photo or leave a message on the Tribute Page?

  • Navigate to the individual Tribute Page.
  • To light a candle, upload a photo or post a message, click on ‘Tribute Wall’ listed in the menu items then scroll down to the button that reads ‘Upload your memory.’
  • First, type your message in the text box. Next, you can choose to add a photo or light a candle. If you would like to include a photo with your message click ‘Add Photo’ then click in the box with the plus (+) symbol, you can then locate the photo that is locally saved on your computer.
  • If you would like to light a candle to accompany your message instead of uploading a photo, click ‘Light Candle’. You can then select the colour of the candle (use left and right arrows to scroll through the options).
  • You can also opt to send a message only by not selecting ‘Add Photo’ or ‘Light Candle’.
  • The next step is to choose if the message is public and visible to all, or private and visible only to the family. Make this selection by using the drop down menu.
  • Once you are happy with your tribute, click ‘Post’ and fill in the security CAPTCHA as prompted.

When confirming that i am not a Robot - what do I do? what does the box with the letters mean?

A CAPTCHA is a response test to determine if the user is human or a robot. This is to stop unpermitted parties from accessing webpages. To pass the CAPTCHA you need to type the numbers and letters that that you see in the image, into the box. Note that the CAPTCHA is case sensitive. If you have difficulties determining the letters in the picture, click ‘audio’ and have them read aloud to you. 

I would like to send something to the bereaved family. Can this be arranged?

Yes. Tobin Brothers Funerals offer catering through Diamond Celebrations who also offer ‘comfort food’ deliveries to the home address you nominate. We also have the option for you to send flowers to the Funeral Service if held at one of our 24 Tobin Brothers Chapel locations. These options are both found on individual Tribute Page under the headings of ‘Send Comfort Food’ and ‘Send Flowers’ respectively.

Can we customise the images on our loved one's Tribute Page?

Yes. You can provide your assigned Funeral Planner with a ‘profile photo’ and a ‘banner image’. We recommend for the ‘profile image’ to be a photo of your loved one and the ‘banner image’ to be a simple photograph or landscape (eg. a garden, the beach or the theme image from your funeral stationery) as only the centre portion of the photograph will be displayed clearly on the page. If you have family photos or further photos to share with family and friends you can do so by clicking ‘add photo’ or ‘upload a memory’ to the Tribute Wall.

Can we upload an Order of Service, Prayer Card or Liturgy Booklet?

Yes. Tobin Brothers will ask for your permission to upload these items to the Tribute Page if you have ordered them through Memories and Tributes. We have the ability to upload up to three items (PDF or word documents) to the individual Tribute Page for visitors to view and download.

Is there technical assistance if someone is having trouble using the features on the Tribute Page or Tribute Wall?

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please telephone our Funeral Advice Line :
(03) 9373 7000.