Our History

Tobin Brothers FuneralsTobin Brothers was founded by brothers Leo, Phonse, Thomas and Kevin Tobin in 1934.

The Company flourished in its early years due to the vision, hard work, and diverse strengths and interests of the four brothers.

Second, third and fourth generation family members have also brought a range of skills, and have successfully built on the solid foundation laid by our founders.

The company’s first branch location was in North Melbourne, where we still have our head office and a chapel today. The Company’s branch network now spreads to 22 locations across Melbourne, including Rosebud to the south, and in Sunbury to the north. In additional to our Melbourne facilities we are also located in Echuca.

As well as expanding throughout Melbourne, in the mid-late 1980s the Company established operations in Canberra and Adelaide, before divesting these businesses in 1995, to focus on its Melbourne operations.

Due to the involvement of the Tobin family in Melbourne’s Catholic Community, a large percentage of the funerals the Company conducted in its early years were for Catholic families.

Over the years however, the Company has developed experience and expertise in the funeral customs of numerous faiths and cultures, and today, provides service and care to a broad spectrum of Melbourne’s multicultural community.

The Company has a long and proud history of:

• Providing high levels of service and care to our client families;
• Commitment to the betterment of the wider community;
• Being a positive and stimulating place to work for our many dedicated and loyal staff.

These core principles and values were the foundation stones of the business, and continue to shine through in everything we do today.

Tobin Brothers Funerals Board of Directors (from left to right):

Cathy Tobin, Tom Tobin, Dominic Macken (Chairman), Donna Jenkins (Company Secretary), James MacLeod (Managing Director), Michael Tobin, Nick Fogarty, Leo T. Tobin.