Civil Celebrants

Families who do not have an affiliation with a Church, often choose a Civil Celebrant to conduct the service.

A Civil Celebrant consults with the family to develop a personalised structure for the service, which he or she leads on the day.

A civil service usually features a tribute/eulogy and/or a review of the deceased’s life and times, presented by the Celebrant or a family member/friend.  For some ideas on how to write a eulogy, refer to the Writing a Eulogy section.

It may also include a reflection period, often accompanied by music, and/or an audio visual presentation.

Readings, prayers and hymns can also be included in a civil service.

Tobin Brothers have a number of in-house Celebrants, with considerable experience and expertise in this field. Alternatively, we can refer you to a reputable freelance Celebrant, who we can recommend.