A Day In The Life Of...

In this unique series we will take you behind the scenes of Tobin Brothers Funerals. You will meet real people with real stories who talk about their very specialised work. Along the way they will help dispel and demystify some of the misinformation associated with the funeral industry. 

A Day In The Life of Tobin Brothers Managing Director, James MacLeod

“I was born at Cabrini Hospital Malvern and when my mother and father brought me home…it was to Tobin Brothers Funerals.” Meet James MacLeod as he walks you through A Day in the Life as Managing Director of Tobin Brothers Funerals. James describes how he was quite literally born into the industry and as the first MD not in the Tobin family to take on the role, his dedication shines through in this documentary. Central to the imaginative marketing of the Tobin Brothers Funerals brand is James’ passionate commitment to transparency, and the company's devotion to client families and celebrating lives.

A Day In The Life of A Civil Celebrant

In this documentary, Michael Lynch, Celebrant for Tobin Brothers Funerals shows you more about the role of a Civil Celebrant. A person’s life can be celebrated in many ways and Michael who has been a civil celebrant for more than 2500 Funerals or Memorial Services says that his role is “all about giving people permission to think outside the square” to truly celebrate the life of their loved one.

A Day In The Life of A Funeral Communications Centre

This documentary goes behind the scenes with the people critical to ensuring a Funeral Service runs smoothly, from the initial enquiry to managing the final details of the funeral.

The Funeral Communications Centre at Tobin Brothers Funerals is a team of caring professionals who guide families through the initial stages of arranging a funeral for their loved one and then work behind the scenes to ensure the funeral meets the family’s expectations on the day. 

A Day In The Life Of Memories and Tributes (Funeral Personalisation Designers)

This documentary introduces you to the team of graphic designers who help personalise funeral services for families with a variety of products and services. 

Known as the “Memories and Tributes” team at Tobin Brothers Funerals, they will guide you through the unique process of producing professionally designed products and stationery for funeral services and show how they support and assist families during the difficult time of losing a loved one. 

A Day In The Life Of A Funeral Planner

Melissa Laird, a Tobin Brothers Funeral Planner, demonstrates how arranging a funeral is very time sensitive and an onerous responsibility, which sometimes requires her to become a mediator, adviser, confidant and consultant to the families she serves. 

A Day In The Life Of A Funeral Directors Assistant

Paul Gerrey, a Funeral Directors Assistant shows that on any given day he must undertake many multifaceted tasks to ensure the funeral service is delivered precisely to the family’s expectations. 

A Day In The Life Of An Embalmer

Jennifer Burge, an Embalmer of 18 years, shows a behind the scenes look at the embalming process, which has become far more sophisticated since originating in ancient Egypt.