Father's Day 2018

By: James MacLeod
Thursday, August 30, 2018


Father’s Day is certainly a different occasion for me today because my father died in 1998.  In fact Father’s Day 1998 was the last occasion that we had gathered as an entire family, my brother, sisters and our partners and grandchildren with Dad to celebrate. Whilst I always loved my father, my true appreciation of him didn’t come to fruition until I was a father myself. I can recall reflecting in the middle of the night when my son Angus had reflux and hadn’t slept in days, thinking gee this is what my folks did for me and my brothers and sisters. The reality is of all the things I have done in my lifetime, the most difficult and rewarding job is being a father. Here I am now responsible to develop, teach, nurture and love this precious little life as a father there are plenty of things I have gotten right but there are also plenty of things that I have not. I often thought before I became a father that there were many things that I would do differently to my own father. I remember one night having strong words with my son Angus and walking out of his bedroom saying to myself that was Norm (my father), so much for being a different parent. The reality is as a father, I am a lot like my father...and that's not all bad.

Image one : The MacLeod Family - Back: Cathy, Middle: Peter and Liz, Front: Terry (Mum), Norm (Dad), and James  |   Image two : James and Norm MacLeod

I cannot underestimate the many blessings of being a father. Whilst there have been some tough moments along the journey, there have also been some fantastic moments. To watch both of my beautiful kids Angus and Grace grow into young adults. It was only yesterday I was playing aeroplanes with their mashed vegetables as they sat in a highchair, driving to work and listening to The Wiggles, watching them at sporting or dancing events, dropping them off or picking them up from parties. Being a father has bought me so many blessings. I couldn’t imagine my life without my two wonderful children Angus and Grace, I love them so much. I couldn’t be the father that I am if it wasn’t for my father so I am indebted to both him and my mother.

To those who have lost their fathers, Father’s Day is going to be different. For those whose loss is recent, it will be tough, so prepare yourself for the day. Go to the Cemetery and visit them, light a candle in their memory, drink a toast to them, tell stories about them, eat their favorite food (my father’s was lambs fry and bacon I won’t be lining up for that this Sunday), play their favorite music, write them a note, tell them how you feel about them. Whatever you are doing this Sunday do something that is going to be best for you in the circumstances.

To those of you who still have your fathers in your life, gather around them if you can. If you can’t get on the phone to call them, get on facetime, get on Skype, email, text….there are a million ways you can be in touch with one another. Tell them what they mean to you #sayitnow. Our Dads are very special people, make sure they know that on Father’s Day.

Image Left to Right: Louise, Grace, Angus and James MacLeod

For me, Father’s Day will be spent watching my beloved Blackburn Football Club play in an Elimination Final. When we venture home a BBQ will be in order. I have been known to sing when I cook the BBQ, I know how much in particular my daughter loves me singing. Throughout the day I will be thinking of my Dad and how lucky I was to have such a ripper. 


Happy Father’s Day to all.

James MacLeod

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